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Sputter Music Sequencer for Android

musiX 添加于 2023-01-08 ·




  • Sputter is an easy to use but capable mobile music making app. It has a mobile friendly user interface and requires no previous knowledge of music to create great tracks. Instead of emulating traditional desktop music software it uses a mobile friendly approach inspired by more recent mobile offerings. At the same time it is not just a toy, and by exploring the help slides and the app itself you will discover several features uncommon in similar music making apps.
  • 1.4
  • 媒体价格: 4.99美元
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Sputter 是一个易于使用的移动音乐制作应用程序。它具有友好的移动用户界面,即使没有音乐基础也能创造出很不错的作品。

Sputter 没有去模仿传统的电脑上的音乐软件,而是找到了适合移动用户使用并可以激发灵感的全新方式。而且 Sputter 并非只是一个玩具而已,它内置了多种不常见的功能等待你去挖掘。

售价:4.99 美元(2022年11月28日至12月5日八折)。


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